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 Together we will design a piece of furniture that is specific to your needs, to the space it will reside, and will go with the rest of your furniture.  Your new piece of furniture will be locally made from real wood and it will  not be 1 of a batch of 1000 units.
It will be signed and dated by our craftsmen. This will be your very own piece of art.

Our Services

Whether you are starting with a specific need, from just an idea, or you have an existing piece of furniture that needs some attention, we can help you with any of these situations.

Custom Furniture

We can start with a photograph or drawing you bring in and build a piece of furniture that matches exactly the style, color, and type of wood you need to fill that specific space in your home or office.


Instead of starting from the ground up, we start with your existing furniture and resize, reshape, or redo it to make it work better for you current situation.


Maybe it's time for that family piece of furniture to get a good cleaning and some TLC. Or maybe the antique chair needs a 50 year tune-up to reglue the joints that have gotten wobbly. We can do that too! .

See examples of our work on the Gallery page.

Project Photos

Click on any of the projects below to see some of the “in progress” photos during the construction of each piece.

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