To get an estimate for your custom piece, we begin the process with a series of steps that help to visualize what the final piece will look like.

Start Here....

Choose an inspiration photo from our gallery or find a photo you like from the Internet.

(aquarium stand photo from Internet)

Next we visualize your Project on the Computer

We take your inspiration photo and the basic dimensions for your piece to make the first drawing on the computer.

We put on some dimensions and add some details…
Now we can begin to get a feeling for the new piece.
Next, we can add some color to represent stained wood or a painted surface…
Variations and design changes are easily tested on the computer. 
After several iterations, the final design is settled on.
This final drawing is then used to generate a materials list and develope the rest of the estimate for your project. 
If the customer approves the final design, a 50% deposit is collected to put the project in the cue, a few weeks later the project is delivered.

Final computer drawing.

The finished project looks like the computer drawing we have worked up together!

Quote for Custom Furniture or Transformation

This will be based on what has been decided in the steps described above.
Estimates for Transformation furniture pieces are a little harder to figure out. We will need to schedule an appointment to come see the piece in person.

Refinishing and Repair

Ballpark estimates for refinishing a piece can be discussed over the phone. These ballpark estimates are based on previous pieces that we have done similar work on. To get a more specific estimate, an appointment time will be arranged so that we can come see the piece in person.
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